Many women are uncertain and don’t know how to style themselves or fully sense everything they have inside. I offer make-up courses for him and her. And the best part, these are individual courses to best meet your individual needs. 

The goal of my beauty-trainings is for you to not only learn how to use quality cosmetic products and makeup, but also to know what looks good on you; how to confidently apply makeup and style yourself quickly. A perfect demeanor and appearance significantly influences the impression you leave on customers at work or in your private life. When you are relaxed and feel comfortable in your own skin, it radiates from you.

Be familiar with the basic techniques of a natural make-up.How do I choose the right foundation and concealer?We will choose the right foundation and concealer for you. The wrong shading can make a person look sickly and tired. It is important to minimize flaws, not emphasize them by using the wrong toner.From these basics, we’ll create a completely fresh makeup with blush, bronzers, and highlighters.


Emphasizing your eyes – which colors look good on you and what technique should be used to make them shine and look more awake? Glamorous smoky eyes for the evening or a natural makeup for the day? I will teach you the techniques and how to best implement them yourself. The same approach with lipstick. Which colors make you look your best? How do I enhance lips?

I’ll show you the routine and uncomplicated approach of my unique application techniques and the proper care of your brushes and cosmetics. I’ll explain the best practices step-by-step. Afterwards, it’ll be your turn to recreate and apply what you have learned.

Individual Make up Coachung 199 Euro

Duration approx. 2 hours

Before- & -after portrait and a step-by-step guide of your makeup routine is included.

business make-up training for your employees

Please contact me so I may create an individual offer that will suit.